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Posted - 11/25/2020 :  08:05:15 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good morning all! It's 42f and raining in N.E.Indiana, with all day rain in the forecast. The coffee urn is READY with Benchwork blend today. The special is ham and eggs, American fries, grits, Texas toast, the whole magilla. The cortisone shot from Monday has me feeling a little more chipper this morning.

I went over to Hobby Lobby yesterday to pick up some small plastic glue bottles for $4.99 less the 40% coupon. But, I ran into their "Black Friday" stuff. I walked out empty handed. There were lines 8-10 people deep, and going nowhere. People go through the check out procedure, get sticker shocked, and start jettisoning things out of their baskets. What a zoo!

The all day rain will toss me into the shop "Briar Patch", heheheh.

Stay safe, and have a Super day!


Take the red pill

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George D

Premium Member

Posted - 11/25/2020 :  09:08:26 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good morning, Jim and crew. Here in Hampton Roads, we're going to make it into the low 60's. I have a porch and a deck to sweep before my bike ride.

I've been working on the connectors on my cassettes and I'm ready to make up a bunch of them for the cassettes I have yet to make.

Have a good day.

Fly Army

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Michael Hohn

Posted - 11/25/2020 :  09:10:46 AM  Show Profile  Visit Michael Hohn's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Good morning Jim and crew. Itís overcast and headed for the sixties here in northern WV.

The meeting and walking with our daughter is a go today, with appropriate distancing of course. Donít want to be a turkey.

No big plans for tomorrow; just the two of us. My wife will probably work hard on a nice dinner as she always does. Meanwhile the next few days will likely involve some odd jobs, preparing the upstairs room under the eaves for painting, and working on a model or two.

Have a great day everyone!


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Rusty Stumps

Posted - 11/25/2020 :  09:37:50 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good morning Jim, George, Mike and the rest of the RR-L Crew. Rain, rain and then there's T-Storms for today's lovely weather.

Son Chris and his girlfriend Rebeca are due down around 5pm for Thanksgiving. Plus he has six cartons of new books and toys to haul back to GR to distribute to charities young children. We've gotten in over 200 skids of brand new toys and books to distribute to over 140 charities round Indy and out into 5 other states. Lots of work on this project. It's the "Tail wagging the Dog" for sure.

Working on a few orders plus a couple of larger orders from Steve at Rail Scale. Also doing a heck of a lot of clean up around here. I'm trying to get rid of what I've collected over the years. Starting to look like a hordes den. I want to do mainly 3D printed parts and I'm working on converting a lot of the castings to 3D plus developing some new ones. Keeps me out of the bar room a good bit.

Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving. If you can't be with family at least call them as everyone's in the same boat.


In the Crossroads of America.

Edited by - Rusty Stumps on 11/25/2020 09:38:33 AM

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Premium Member

Posted - 11/25/2020 :  10:02:26 AM  Show Profile  Visit TomPM's Homepage  Send TomPM a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Good morning folks

It is 42 heading up to 55.

My daughter helped me disassemble the table in the breakfast nook. Then spent a good deal of time cleaning the floor and getting the shine back.

Schools are crazy with the scheduling. The district we live in, Upper Darby never went to hybrid. They stayed virtual as they could find enough substitutes to fill in for all the retiring, sick, or on leave teachers and staff. Upper Darby High School is the largest high school in the state. The school my daughter works at was at a point that if 3 more teachers went out, they would have to go all virtual due to not enough staff. They asked that staff not travel during Thanksgiving and warned them if they did and come down with COVID they would not be eligible for COVID leave. They went into lockdown starting this week for at least two or three weeks. The district my wife works in is losing teachers and staff like crazy. They are getting sick from COVID, retiring, or resigning. They are making new employment postings several times a day. Even before COVID the working environment for teachers in that district was very toxic. Now with COVID their staffing issues are getting critical. It is one of those districts where the kids and parents are never wrong and everything is the teacherís fault.

Last evening, I went downstairs and decided to two quick jobs. I removed the hook and horn couple from the front of my IHC Lehigh & Hudson River steamer and replaced it with a knuckle couple. It went very smoothly. Then I decided to put the couple back on the Erie-Built B unit. It has fallen off during my test running. It took a desperate search, but I found the coupler and the box lid. I quickly reinstalled the coupler only to have it fall out again. Upon examining things, I discovered one of the clips was broken and the rear steps were damaged. I tried to drill a hole in the coupler lid and screw it in place. That did not work. After trying several other options, I had to remove the sides of the coupler box and use a Kadee box to replace it. The steps were so damaged I removed them. A future project will be to find a replacement and install them. Later I continued entering records in the database. I have all my reefers and covered hoppers with 3 or more bays entered.

The new table is scheduled to arrive between 12 and 3 today. We will also be doing Thanksgiving dinner prep. The turkey is sitting in cold water in the sink thawing. It has been in the refrigerator since Friday and still is not thawed. I have eight loaves of bread I have to remove the crust and cut into cubes for my wife to make the stuffing. I have no idea if any modeling or train running will happen today.

I hope everybody has a good day.

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Posted - 11/25/2020 :  10:18:55 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
We made it into the upper 60s here in lower Michigan this morning, George, but it warmed up as soon as we moved the thermostat up. Nice 72 in here this morning. Oh yeah, mid 40s and rain outside. It rained all day with wisps of snow yesterday in the air. A bit farther up the mitten there was 3.5 inches that will probably leave before today is over with the constant light rain.

Today is pie day, going to try and help the Doll make a couple of pies today. There store was out of the roll out pie crusts so she bought some frozen in tin/aluminum pans that weíll use or end up making them from scratch. I also have to put a bottom on the display case for the Doll. I put trim pieces in and fixed a pair of loose fitting pinned joints with the gorilla. Interesting glue that stuff.

Time to get at it, everyone have a good day. Remember to be safe. Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.

Karl Scribner
Sunfield Twp. Michigan
Kentucky Southern Railway
The Spartan Line

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Posted - 11/25/2020 :  10:27:11 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Sort of taking a day or 3 off from the home office unless I dive into writing another article just to clear it off my desk.

Light puttering about in the shop, maybe...some detail work on the big house project, some filing the resin end for a big tank car, and maybe setting up to pour resin to make more trolley parts.

But, I think camping out in the recliner with another book to read and cup of hot tea may be the high point of the day,

In a time like ours seemings and portents signify. Ours is a generation when dogs howl and the skin crawls on the skull with its beast's foreboding.

Edited by - mwbpequod on 11/25/2020 12:03:54 PM

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Premium Member

Posted - 11/25/2020 :  11:52:34 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
A quick run to the grocery store this morning, a birthday party for our 50 year old twin sons this afternoon.

A little Thanksgiving meal prep along the way.

Other than that, not much planned.


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Premium Member

Posted - 11/25/2020 :  12:15:32 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by Dutchman

A quick run to the grocery store this morning, a birthday party for our 50 year old twin sons this afternoon.

Can you remember when they were 5 and running you ragged!!


"And in the end, itís not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln

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Premium Member

Posted - 11/25/2020 :  3:29:44 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The appliance repairman had a cancellation, so he got here today instead of 2 weeks from now. After some work, he diagnosed a weak igniter. Another check showed the broiler used the same part, so he was able to cannibalize the broiler to get the oven working. So I'm thankful today I'll get pumpkin cheesecake tomorrow :-)


Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)

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Premium Member

Posted - 11/25/2020 :  7:36:42 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by TRAINS1941

Originally posted by Dutchman

A quick run to the grocery store this morning, a birthday party for our 50 year old twin sons this afternoon.

Can you remember when they were 5 and running you ragged!!

We can indeed, Jerry. And on their fifth birthday running us ragged, Bonnie was about two weeks away from delivering our third son. They are five years and ten days apart.

All three were here today to celebrate and will be with us for Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow.


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