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 Hno3 turntable
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New Hire

Posted - 12/04/2017 :  08:40:15 AM  Show Profile  Visit JayRs's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Iím building my first layout, actually it is a module of an engine facility that will be at the end of the route. I want to include a turntable for turning the engines as a wye will not fit, but, after extensive searching and forum reading I cannot find a good Hon3 one. Ideally it would be approx 70í, for Hon3, motorized with accurate indexing, usable with DCC and as RTR as possible. There have been various options over the years, but most have disappeared. Any suggestions?
Thanks, Jay

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David J Buchholz
Crew Chief

Posted - 12/04/2017 :  10:29:54 AM  Show Profile  Send David J Buchholz an AOL message  Reply with Quote

This is the one I am considering for my North Coast Railroad.

Home of the North Coast Railroad.

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New Hire

Posted - 12/04/2017 :  11:57:31 AM  Show Profile  Visit JayRs's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I've seen that one Dave. It looks good and could be a contender,but no indexing only positioning by eye. Plus shipping to the US could take forever.

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Posted - 12/04/2017 :  1:39:04 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
If you don't care about looks, and want more for the indexing, than an Atlas "N" scale turntable is what you want. It has excellent and accurate indexing. Also, you can fix the looks by googling Atlas turntables and see what others have done to make them front runners, with just a few details and added scratch building. Hon3 runs on this turntable. See Atlas turntable here; http://www.atlasrr.com/pdf/N%20Turntable.pdf
7-1/2" Diameter Deck with Smooth Manual Operation. Or added motor unit.
21 Track Positions With 15" Stall Spacing using Geneva Movement that Locks Table In Exact Position Every Time.
Simulated Wood Brown Turntable Deck and Concrete Pit Ring.
Turntable can Be Motorized Easily with an N Scale Motor Drive Unit (ATL-2791)
Below is one example that can be done with the Atlas turntable that member dougcoffey1950 did to his.
And, below that is an open pit design that was made by another person. See here; http://cs.trains.com/mrr/f/88/t/99558.aspx

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New Hire

Posted - 12/04/2017 :  5:37:31 PM  Show Profile  Visit JayRs's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Thanks Louis, indexing does not win out over looks. I've come to realize that my perfect TT does not exist, so compromises to the wish list will have to be made. The second example with the pit is more work (and probably skill) than I want to put into the project.

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Engine Wiper

Premium Member

Posted - 12/04/2017 :  11:10:36 PM  Show Profile  Visit NVNGRR's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Jay, the kitwood turntable kits are very nice and it does not take forever to get it from the UK. I found shipping to be very reasonable and FASTER than some items I have ordered from US mail order places.

I use a 1.5 volt battery to power mine and it moves slow enough that I don't need indexing.

My kitwood turntable build topic:

Kevin Miller
Winlock, WA

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New Hire

Posted - 12/13/2017 :  2:03:22 PM  Show Profile  Visit JayRs's Homepage  Reply with Quote
After exchanging several emails with Simon, the owner, I now have the Kitwood Durango kit making its way across the ocean. Thanks to Kevin's build thread I can see it will build up to a nice model.

Not sure it is totally necessary, but I decided to build my own indexing for the turntable with a stepper motor and an arduino. Working on the electronics now while I wait for turntable kit. We will see how that goes!

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Crew Chief

Posted - 12/14/2017 :  01:19:47 AM  Show Profile  Visit spyder62's Homepage  Reply with Quote
You will be happy with Simon's kits he is one of the good guys.

In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame,
two is a law firm and three or more is a congress.
--John Adams

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