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Frank Palmer

Posted - 06/07/2016 :  11:01:30 AM  Show Profile  Visit Frank Palmer's Homepage
Beautiful building.


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Crew Chief

Premium Member

Posted - 06/07/2016 :  2:04:27 PM  Show Profile
Great Topic this month as I have an affection for stations.

Here is the old ACL station in Myrtle Beach, SC.

It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002. Last used as a depot by freight in 1988. It was bought by the city for $750,000 in 2000. The "All Aboard Committee" raised $470,000 to cover some of the restoration costs. It opened as a museum in May 2004.


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Crew Chief

Premium Member

Posted - 06/07/2016 :  2:21:18 PM  Show Profile
The former Lackawanna Station in Scranton, PA.

It's now a Radisson Hotel.


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Posted - 06/07/2016 :  8:32:38 PM  Show Profile  Visit wvrr's Homepage
I am in Davidson, NC, this week doing my 9 to 5 thingie. So, practically across the street from the Davidson Inn, where I am staying, is the old depot. This is now a Seniors Center for the community. Nice looking depot. You can see where a couple doors have been filled in. And, I imagine there were roof brackets, at one point.

In all the years I have been coming to Davidson, I have only seen 1 train active on these rails. My company location is about a mile from here.

And, for anyone watching the NBA finals, Steph Curry went to college at Davidson College....for those who remember that year of March Madness when DC went pretty deep in the tournament because of Steph.


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Crew Chief

Premium Member

Posted - 06/08/2016 :  12:41:59 PM  Show Profile
Here are two of the remaining Grand Trunk Railway that exist along the Montreal - Toronto corridor (CN Kingston Subdivision):

The station in Napanee, ON, about 30 minutes west of Kingston, ON is still active as a VIA Rail Canada station hosting a few stops each day.

The Grand Trunk built 34 of these limestone structures through out Ontario in the mid 1850s. Sadly only nine exist today, some abandoned, like the one in Ernestown, shown below, about half way between Kingston and Napanee. This station hasn't seen regular service since the 1970s.

All the existing stations have been declared national historic sites by the Government of Canada, so they cannot be demolished. Although the ravages of time may do the same work of the wrecker's ball in some cases.

Another station exists in Prescott, ON, about an hour east of Kingston. Today it is home to the local county's historical society.

A number of years ago, a good friend of mine, Grant Knowles, took most measurements of the Prescott station and created a limited-edition HO scale cast resin kit.

I was able to acquire one such model through the dispersion of the late Don Leger's (Shadetree kid) model railroad collection a while back. It requires a slight bit of rejuvenation and will find a permanent home in our town for the years to come.


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Bill Gill

Posted - 06/08/2016 :  2:04:24 PM  Show Profile
Former New Haven depot in W. Mystic, CT.
Local history says it was picked up from the side of the tracks where the photo was taken by the tidal surge of the 1938 hurricane and deposited on that other side of the tracks, turned 90 degrees, but set down intact.

View from the other side of the tracks

There is a very similar depot a bit over a mile away towrd NYC in Noank. That one still stands near the tracks and has been converted to another use. The more "famous" (American Flyer, Lionel) brick Mystic depot is about a mile from the W. Mystic depot toward Boston. It is still in service, sort of.

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 06/08/2016 :  9:45:30 PM  Show Profile
some small town Pennsylvania depots still in good shape

Northumberland (PRR)

Danville (PRR)

Lebanon (RDG)

Annville (RDG)

[ IMG_6732.JPG[/url]

Wernersville (RDG)

NORTHERN TERMINAL COMPANY - The mainline to the Maine Coast

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Premium Member

Posted - 06/09/2016 :  08:30:02 AM  Show Profile
The Allendale, NJ station on the old Erie main line. Still a stop for New Jersey Transit.

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Premium Member

Posted - 06/09/2016 :  09:28:31 AM  Show Profile
This is a Shawmut Railroad Station (circa 1918 photo) showing the original wood station in Angelica, NY

Next is the original wood station when it burned down, not sure of that year

Last is the station (brick), as it appears today


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Posted - 06/09/2016 :  4:22:53 PM  Show Profile

One of my favorite stations is the union station at Wadley, Ga. Built sometime in the late 19th - early 20th century, the depot once served passengers of four different railroads: mainline Central of Georgia and subsidiary short lines Louisville & Wadley, Stillmore Airline and Wadley & Mt Vernon. The latter two were merged by the CofG in 1906 to form the Wadley Southern Railway.

Even in the early days the depot was an ornate affair with a two-tone paint job highlighting the elaborate trim. It boasted two floors in the center with the ticket office and upstairs quarters for the station agent flanked by two separate waiting rooms, a baggage room and an extra long covered platform.

By the late 1940's the depot at Wadley had taken on a, well, mature looking appearance. The ornate trim was still there but the paint was solid white set off by a striking red metal roof as shown in this rare color photo and took on a rather stately look in the b&w photo.

In 1947, the Central introduced the Nancy Hanks II, one of its two modern streamline trains. The Nancy was the Atlanta-Macon-Savannah train, with the westbound edition arriving at Wadley at 9:40am, an occasion that generated both passengers and onlookers.

Two additional local passenger trains passed through Wadley daily in each direction, and of course, the two short lines provided "mixed train daily" service north to Louisville and 20 miles south to Swainsboro.

Well, times changed for the depot at Wadley. Passenger service was discontinued by the L&W and WS in 1958. The Central merged with the Southern Railway in 1963. The last run of the Nancy Hanks II came on April 29, 1971, the day before Amtrak came into being. By the time I began doing field research in the mid-1970's, the depot had been completely rebuilt and was but a shadow of its former self, then being used as a maintenance shed.

Sadly, when last we visited, the depot at Wadley was gone, as were most of the buildings that appear in the pictures. In fact, the only railroad related building still standing is the CofG freight house, a scratchbuilt model of which I will eventually get around to completing, but that's a different yarn.

Sorry to be so wordy, folks, but I thought that since the depot was so unique, y'all would enjoy its story.

Catch y'all later,

Steve Flanigan

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Posted - 06/09/2016 :  6:42:59 PM  Show Profile  Visit wvrr's Homepage
I find it interesting how this month's photo subject is bringing out more prototype photos than models. Very cool. I also appreciate the additional text that accompany many of the photos, giving a little background on the prototype. I'm really enjoying it.


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Posted - 06/09/2016 :  7:04:57 PM  Show Profile  Visit railphotog's Homepage
Former Union Station in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Served by Canadian Pacific and Canadian National It was the third union station built on this site.

When I took these photos in 1967-68 I wasn't interested in trains, it was just an neat building. I believe the interior shots I took may be the only ones around, I've never come across any other.

Bob Boudreau
My model railroad photography website:

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Premium Member

Posted - 06/09/2016 :  8:16:42 PM  Show Profile
Union Station, Tacoma, Washington.

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Premium Member

Posted - 06/09/2016 :  10:56:16 PM  Show Profile
Steve, great story, and I was really enjoying it until I reached the last photo. So much for progress. Progress would be so much more better
if it didn't destroy history'..

ted :<)

Edited by - quartergauger48 on 06/10/2016 12:32:08 PM

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Premium Member

Posted - 06/10/2016 :  08:29:44 AM  Show Profile
The old B&M station in East Kingston, NH.

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