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 Night Shots and LEDs
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Posted - 04/01/2011 :  11:02:53 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I noticed that there were some comments about LEDs not providing the right color in some photographs. I would've commented in that thread but it is now locked

I'm a big proponent for LEDs in structure/scenery lighting. Mainly because of the longevity of the device and the size which allows me to place them in small places.

Bruce and Graffen - discounting all LEDs as being too purple or off color is like saying that you don't like cake because it is too chocolaty. In other words, there are other flavors of cake to try and other colors of LEDs as well.

I know where you're coming from though. Some LEDs are of very poor color for structure lighting. However this can sometimes work to an advantage. Troels posted some pictures awhile ago of his LED lit icing platform. He used warm-colored (golden) LEDs for the interior of the structure and cooler (bluish) LEDs for the exterior. It really gave off a nice effect and contrasted the warmth of the office with the coolness of the icing platform.

Here's another thought if you're modeling present day - next time you're out doing some shopping at night take a look around you before you go into the store. On a recent trip to a local store I took a look at the parking lot lighting. Then I looked across the street in one direction to a grocery store, and to another direction at a mall. None of the parking lots had the same color of light. Sodium gives off orange light, mercury vapor blue and metal halide white. Given the varying ages of the bulbs you could have varying tints as well. I haven't even thrown in incandescent, neon and the many flavors of fluorescent too!

Another thing I've done to warm up offending LEDs is to use some transparent orange or yellow acrylic paint. Tamiya makes this this so look on the Tamiya rack for it.

Lastly - if the model's lights look ok in person but green or blue on the digital photo, play around with the camera's white balance control (if it has one).

Graffen - Are you going to paint the lady's dress red in the Nighthawk Diner? Hope so!


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Martin Welberg

Posted - 04/01/2011 :  11:53:12 AM  Show Profile  Visit Martin Welberg's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Howdy Slim, I pointed out on the LED too, it's not that I don't like'm. Do use a lot of LED lighting in my 1:1 job and even there I notice that it still doesn't have the warmth and glow of a bulb. On my layout I choose mini-bulbs and do get rid of all the LED lighting because I think it fit's better in the timeframe I model...maybe I did choose the wrong LED's and I maybe change my mind if I get these LED's they send me to give it a try...

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Posted - 04/01/2011 :  12:36:05 PM  Show Profile  Visit AVRR-PA's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hi, Slim --

Good summary.

See you at the Jamboree.


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Posted - 04/01/2011 :  3:13:31 PM  Show Profile  Visit Graffen's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I didnīt mean to say that ALL LEDs are bad, but the lights that were preassembled that I bought were really bad...
I have used LEDs in my Locoīs and in some structures, but they were bought at a place where they state what color temperature they are.
But there is something special about the regular filament bulbs that is hard to reproduce with a LED, and the fact that it is very easy to adjust how much a bulb should light is also a bonus.
I use a 9V supply for all my 12-14V bulbs and use resistors to adjust the individual bulbs.

Michael Graff
"Deo Adjuvante Labor Proficit"
Swedish custom model builder.

Edited by - Graffen on 04/01/2011 3:15:15 PM

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