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Posted - 03/08/2011 :  2:06:39 PM  Show Profile

Well, well, here I am in yet another unblemished volume... and as in the previous, begin with a boat...

The Odin is now almost finished (still some mooring warps and springs to the wharf, small blocks and tackles for the davits, oars for the lifeboats and anchor chains to install...). I have installed the steam anchor winch, vents, lifeboats, davits, railings finished, a crew, hand lettering, steering wheel, five ladder/stairs etc...

Troels Kirk
Näsum, Sweden

Country: Sweden | Posts: 4928

Martin Welberg

Posted - 03/08/2011 :  2:25:15 PM  Show Profile  Visit Martin Welberg's Homepage
First to post in your 4th vol...what can I say..great ship adds a lot to the overall view on your wharf

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Posted - 03/08/2011 :  2:50:27 PM  Show Profile
You'd never know this thing started out as a block of foam!

Is that thread you used for all the rigging? It looks like tedious work.



Country: USA | Posts: 5866 Go to Top of Page

Frederic Testard

Premium Member

Posted - 03/08/2011 :  2:55:20 PM  Show Profile
And opus 4 starts with a magnificent ship. The rendition of the rusty hull is absolutely amazing.

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Posted - 03/08/2011 :  3:00:15 PM  Show Profile
Arthur, I used black and cream silk thread actually. Goes in quickly with superglue splices ;-)

Frédéric, the slight light brown drybrushing tonight really helped showing the hull plating and rivets.

Troels Kirk
Näsum, Sweden

Country: Sweden | Posts: 4928 Go to Top of Page


Posted - 03/08/2011 :  3:21:15 PM  Show Profile
Congratulations on Vol. 4 and another fine job on another great ship model.

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Posted - 03/08/2011 :  3:57:41 PM  Show Profile
Troels, a fine start to your 4th thread and a great ship.



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Bill Uffelman

Posted - 03/08/2011 :  4:58:30 PM  Show Profile
Great looking vessel Troels!

Bill Uffelman
In Carson City NV

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Leo Starrenburg
Crew Chief

Posted - 03/08/2011 :  6:05:53 PM  Show Profile
Congrats on volume 4 Troels, just keep 'm coming :-)

As for the photo's, I find them more like instant-paintings than snapshots, so much to see in each and every one !

Wish I could cast pewter figures, I'd make this for the aft deck:

cheers, Leo.

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Tyson Rayles

Premium Member

Posted - 03/08/2011 :  7:03:54 PM  Show Profile

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Leo Starrenburg
Crew Chief

Posted - 03/08/2011 :  7:52:59 PM  Show Profile
Hmmm, there's more than meets the eye here in these photographs...

Did you notice the character in the long raincoat just outside Lucky's bar ?
Stranger to say the least and what's such a gent doeing on the pier in the first place:

He made me wonder until I saw the radio direction finders' antenna on the bridge of Odin:

This is a very state-of-the-art antenna, most would have looked like this <>,
but the very new (and top-secret !) HUFF DUFF system uses an O.

And what about the sudden move of the little (but very fast...) lobsterboat I ask you ???

No, there's more going on here than meets the eye I tell you, perhaps a case for Hercule Poirot .......................

cheers, Leo.

Edited by - Leo Starrenburg on 03/08/2011 9:28:58 PM

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Posted - 03/08/2011 :  8:50:40 PM  Show Profile

I asked the same question in Vol. 3 about the 'Sam Spade' looking character. He looked suspicious to me, too.

Maybe it is the new antenna he's after. Something is definately brewing. You can feel it in the air.



Country: USA | Posts: 1612 Go to Top of Page


Posted - 03/09/2011 :  12:39:55 AM  Show Profile
Love your fantasies!! The raincoat guy is actually a slightly pathetic fellow, who thinks he can impress the "ladies" at Lucky's by looking tough, growing a stubble and smoking cigars... he lives with his mother and sells stamps for a living...

Troels Kirk
Näsum, Sweden

Country: Sweden | Posts: 4928 Go to Top of Page

scott robertson
Crew Chief

Posted - 03/09/2011 :  01:42:37 AM  Show Profile  Visit scott robertson's Homepage
Wow! I really believe that if I could touch the ship and rap the hull the sound of metal would ring back. You may have inspired me (once again) to someday build another ship (although my harbor is a bit smaller ........can you say module?) Scott

Country: USA | Posts: 891 Go to Top of Page

Engine Wiper

Posted - 03/09/2011 :  03:48:44 AM  Show Profile  Visit kathymillatt's Homepage

I'm looking forward to the next 100 pages and that boat is a cracker of a way to start off! I can smell the oil, rust and sea air whilst sat in my office!



Country: United Kingdom | Posts: 297 Go to Top of Page

Engine Wiper

Posted - 03/09/2011 :  04:48:31 AM  Show Profile  Visit Ollie's Homepage
Odin is looking good, I guess that trench coat fellow is a copper. I guess the captain of the Odin has a few things to explin, like those few crates of canadian whiskey in the load...., or he is a private eye, which will cost the captain just a couple of bottles....


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