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Engine Wiper

Posted - 02/08/2010 :  11:38:48 PM  Show Profile  Visit maandg's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Now that work on my New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal is completed, its time to focus on the various support facilities that serviced it. Even though I felt at times that there wasn't much interest in my NOUPT, based on the number of comments, I nonetheless enjoyed presenting that project here on RR-Line. So much so, in fact, that I wanted to begin this new thread.

I debated on which forum to post this new series. In the end, I chose MR Construction, because completing this area of the layout will involve ballast, scenery, some backdrops, and lots of structures. I invite you to follow my progress and hope that you will leave feedback along the way.

Unlike the NOUPT thread, this one will focus more on completing the overall scene vs. step-by-step construction of individual structures. I want to work as quickly as possible, and documenting each step of each structure is very time-consuming. It will also coincide with updates to my own website. I hope you will find it interesting, entertaining, and maybe even educational.

To kick things off, I want to share my newly completed Clara Street Tower. This tower was located at the 5-track yard throat which fed the station. Here are a few prototype photos.

This next photo is more modern as evidenced by the super dome in the background. A few additions have been made to the tower, but it still stands relatively unchanged in more than 50 years.

My model of the Clara Street Tower was laser cut by CMR, who also did the work on NOUPT. The plans were once again drafted by Dr. Nick Muff from original blueprints of the building. Even the stair assembly was laser cut in styrene.

Here is the exterior of the finished tower. Notice the cool glass block windows. These were laser cut as well. I also like the tilting lower windows.

I added a full interior to the upper floor. Pieces of stationary paper were cut to fit the interior walls. The floors were made from stripwood.

All of the furniture pieces are FSM castings. The bulletin board, clock, and wall calendar were gleaned from Google image searches and scaled down to size. I used the same method in the NOUPT baggage building.

The interlocking machine is a laser kit made by American Model Builders.

I wanted to make the roof removable, so I created this overhead lighting system from brass wire and LEDs. A resistor is wired under the floor. The wires were painted to match the ceiling and wall colors so that they would be less noticeable.

Here is the interior with the lights on.

Lastly, here are several exterior views with the lights on. The window glass, by the way, was created with Gallery Glass from Hobby Lobby. I find it to be much thicker and easier to work with than the similar material available from Micro Mark.

My next project, which begins this weekend, will be the Railway Express Building. Because this is a much larger project, I will show my progress in steps. I hope you'll stay tuned!

Cliff Powers
The Mississippi Alabama & Gulf
Please visit my layout website at

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 02/09/2010 :  12:19:36 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Another great job, Cliff!!

Based on the more modern photograph, I figured your next project would be scratchbuilding the Superdome!!

I will definitely looking forward to the REA thread!!


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Premium Member

Posted - 02/09/2010 :  05:13:35 AM  Show Profile  Visit AVRR-PA's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hi, Cliff --

I know what you mean about lack of comments. I sometimes feel like I'm talking to myself. I think you have to look at the number of times a thread is viewed. Posting in Craftsman Corner is also a good strategy if you want more interaction; them guys just comment more.

Anyhow... I did enjoy your earlier thread tremendously and I'm looking forward to your next one.


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Premium Member

Posted - 02/09/2010 :  06:07:04 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by PortEmerson

Another great job, Cliff!!

Based on the more modern photograph, I figured your next project would be scratchbuilding the Superdome!!

I agree...with LP football players running around inside.
As always...totally awesome!!!!


"there's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear"

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Posted - 02/09/2010 :  07:18:18 AM  Show Profile  Visit Peterpools's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Exquisite work.

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 02/09/2010 :  07:38:21 AM  Show Profile  Visit maandg's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Thanks, Peter, Dave, Don and Joe! I must admit, if I were modeling the modern era, I would have to at least have the Super Dome on the backdrop!

Don, I considered the Craftsman Corner for this thread, but felt it was geared more toward wood and/or Hydrocal structures along the lines of FSM, SRMW, FOS, etc. There seemed to be very little "plastic" posted there, so I felt this was more generic and, thus, appropriate.

Joe, I will be including all of the different support facilities on this one thread. These will include the REA building, diesel shop, Pullman facility, car washer, and a simple storage building. Other builds in the area are three small commercial buildings and the massive Gibbons Feed Mill. It can be seen behind the Clara St. Tower in the first photo. Please continue to check this thread for all of these projects. Thanks to all for your kind comments!

Cliff Powers
The Mississippi Alabama & Gulf
Please visit my layout website at

Edited by - maandg on 02/09/2010 07:42:57 AM

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Posted - 02/09/2010 :  09:25:04 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Outstanding structure there Cliff. As always, everything is super detailed to the best. Looking forward to all other builds for sure.

Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast
Post count: 5000 posts added to below count.

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Tabooma County Rwy

Posted - 02/09/2010 :  09:39:07 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Cliff, outstanding modeling! You have very much replicated the original structure.

Question: The outside stairs - did you scratchbuild them, or are they part of a kit?

Question #2, since I'm asking - have you ever been up this way, to visit Dr. Muff?

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Premium Member

Posted - 02/09/2010 :  10:00:37 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Cliff, We all enjoy enjoy your work. It is excellent,, your fidelity to the prototype is very inspiring,, Please keep on sharing,,
Thanks Joe

Cheers!, Joe

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New Hire

Posted - 02/09/2010 :  3:08:00 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I enjoy seeing your work, I normally don't post much but I subscribe to your topics and read them all. In fact because of seeing your modeling and doing some research(more is needed and being done) I've switched from wanting to model the CofG to looking at the NOPB RR. My Rich Yoder Baldwin S-12(P:48) is painted gray/primer so it is looking like it will became either NOPB #61 or #62. Please keep sharing your work.
Mike Hobbs
Bakersfield, CA

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Premium Member

Posted - 02/09/2010 :  4:39:53 PM  Show Profile  Send akimmons an AOL message  Reply with Quote
Very nice work, as usual, Cliff. I agree with you on the glass block windows...really cool.

This should be a fun thread to follow. Sounds like you have lots of structures to build. Do you have an overall view or trackplan of the facility so we can visualize where everything will go?

Arnold Kimmons
General Manager
Royal and Edisto Railroad


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Premium Member

Posted - 02/09/2010 :  5:01:58 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I'll echo the recommendation that you base your "does anyone care" reflections on the number of views, not the number of comments. There are only so many ways to say "WOW, This is AWESOME" and a lot of us aren't willing to clog the Forums with repetitions of what's been said. Rest assured that I loved the NOUPT thread and I'll be overjoyed to see this one unfold. I don't think I'm alone....

And my mother, who grew up in New Orleans, is awed as well!

in Michigan

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Frederic Testard

Premium Member

Posted - 02/09/2010 :  7:16:40 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Cliff, I'v been following with a great interest and pleasure your thread depicting the building of the New Orleans terminal. I think I've written a comment after most of your posts, but as the others say, you sometime feel you lack vocabulary after the other posters have exhausted the list of available words. I'll be happy to follow this new series and watch you build the facilities associated to the terminal.
The tower is very nicely done and detailed, and the night shots, in particular, convey the mood of an important, and busy, place.

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Premium Member

Posted - 02/10/2010 :  01:12:02 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi Cliff,
I too love your work and your layout. It is very inspiring! Glad to see you posting on this forum now. I just post anything to do with the construction of my layout here. When i get into operations, I'll try and post everything in one continuing thread in the ops forum.

By the way, the tower and it's detail looks great. You haven't slipped any from the quality of the rest of your layout, for sure!!

Look out for #1, but don't step in #2!

Andy Keeney
Dewitt, MI

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Premium Member

Posted - 02/10/2010 :  09:46:57 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Wow, beautifully finished and beautifully detailed, Cliff!

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Premium Member

Posted - 02/10/2010 :  11:22:38 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Cliff, thanks so much for starting this thread and keeping up updated on your efforts. I truely enjoyed the terminal project and was sad to see it come to an end, so I am really happy to see this thread!

As always, your efforts do not disappoint. The tower is great. I especially appreciate your sharing your techniques with us. You have given me so many great ideas, I have lost count. But in this one alone, the ideas of shrinking images from Google for the walls, and the way you did your interior lighting are more great ideas to file away for my own use. Thanks again so much and I look foward to many more of your contributions!


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