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Mike Hamer

Posted - 06/03/2006 :  1:20:25 PM  Show Profile  Visit Mike Hamer's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Here are a few more pics from an operating session at my buddy, Michel Boucher's D&H layout.

We spot a yard full of blue and grey beauties...and a LV unit to boot!

Gotta love that chop-nosed Alco! This shot was taken in the laundry room staging area. A photo backdrop is all that is necessary for a little depth to the scene!

This is a tighter shot of another pic I posted to a different thread about Michel's layout (Outside the Friday Night "Round"). "Sharky" is doing a great service hauling a special passenger train through Corinth on this day!

Edited by - Mike Hamer on 06/03/2006 1:27:38 PM

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Premium Member

Posted - 06/03/2006 :  1:28:05 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I see you fixed the problem as I was typing away

Hi Mike,
The reason the first picture is a red x is because of the & in the name of the picture.
The forum code will only recognize letters and numbers and if you rename it without the & it should work fine.

John Bagley
Modeling the Alaska Railroad in HO in Wildwood Georgia.

Edited by - Bbags on 06/03/2006 1:29:49 PM

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Mike Hamer

Posted - 06/03/2006 :  1:46:51 PM  Show Profile  Visit Mike Hamer's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Thanks, John.

I had tried to post an edited picture which I had saved as "D&H." Thanks for the "heads up"...and I'll remember to not use the "&" sign when I save photos!

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Crew Chief

Posted - 06/04/2006 :  06:15:09 AM  Show Profile  Send Dreamweaver a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Hi there,

Well here are some diesels in action on my club layout.

I took these shots because I had just got done doing all the scenery you see from the corner to below the big mountain.

There will be a large stone---stone wall against the wall were I have painted it black and then I will have some facia that hangs down two inches off the upper track so all you will see is the stone wall.

The hard part is going to be hiding that tortois
I think I might put it in the wall like the one just before (to the left) it. there is another one sticking up and then just under that machine is were the one is in the wall.

WOW tight fit.
we have a home made motorized track cleaning car that uses adding machine paper fed through it and acetone applied to that WORKS great bye the way, I'll get some pictures of it for you guys.

But any way this cleaner car is as wide a your standard cork road bed and is the widest thing we could run around this layout and it barly misses the wall.

Also notice in the last picture the number boards anre lit up and nothing else...

I love L.E.D's and fiber optics.

Mike J

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Mike Hamer

Posted - 06/04/2006 :  11:51:07 AM  Show Profile  Visit Mike Hamer's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hi Mike! You've done a superb job on the scenery in that corner of the club layout room. The diesels sure look nice plying the rails as they are dwarfed by the mountains! The orange and green colours juxtaposed against the scenic background is striking!

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Mike Hamer

Posted - 06/04/2006 :  12:08:16 PM  Show Profile  Visit Mike Hamer's Homepage  Reply with Quote
These shots were taken at my friend, David Primeau's layout up here in Ottawa, Ontario. David models the CPR and B&M as these two railroads ply the lines along the Connecticut River in New England. In an operating session, you can see the colours of any one of five railroads on David's layout!

The streamliner above is "The Cheshire" and it is plying the rails outside White River Junction. The president of the Boston and Maine lived in "Cheshire country" and, it is said, he took this train into work each day. That's an older model version of the B&M FT's David painted and lettered himself.

We spot St. J& LC 70-tonner having just traversed a covered bridge on David's layout. Many of the shortlines in New England were proud of their company name and kept their diesel roster colourful and clean!

I stole this shot from my Friday Night Group weblog. The CP road switcher is working the tracks in front of the beautiful St. Johnsbury station.

Yes, diesels in action hidden amongst beautiful scenery is one of the greatest things you can see in model railroading!

Edited by - Mike Hamer on 06/04/2006 12:11:03 PM

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Mike Hamer

Posted - 06/11/2006 :  7:05:40 PM  Show Profile  Visit Mike Hamer's Homepage  Reply with Quote
This past Friday, our Friday Night Group closed out its operating season for another year. We will begin again in September...but for now, the boys socialize, railfan, work on each other's layouts as well as hold more "informal" train ops sessions when the mood strikes anyone!

Here are a couple of pics from the last session at my place. The first image was taken by my good friend, David Haney, who had fun in photo shop with the clouded background. Normally, it would appear blue on the layout.

In this first image, we see train #15 "The Dirigo" crossing the New England River Bridge in an outbound direction from Boston. There were something like six or seven milk cars on the headend!

We spot a B&M RDC traversing the Boundary Road crossing on the outskirts of North Dover. The school in the background is an exact replica of the two-room schoolhouse I taught in for the first eight years of my teaching career in northern Canada. It's a clapboard building, and there are many of those in New England...and it's my railroad, so I can plant it on the layout! Yes, that Budd car is a diesel so it easily fits into the theme of this thread...and yes, it's a train even though it is one car in length!

Edited by - Mike Hamer on 06/11/2006 7:07:08 PM

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Posted - 06/11/2006 :  7:15:23 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Very nice Mike. I love D&H! Second in my heart only to the Valley!

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 06/12/2006 :  11:33:06 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Bruce. I love that Lackawanna engine of yours! It would be even better if it had some Maroon and Grey to it! Kevin

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Mike Hamer

Posted - 06/16/2006 :  5:50:45 PM  Show Profile  Visit Mike Hamer's Homepage  Reply with Quote
The Maine Central is the secondary railroad on my layout. It is granted trackage rights into the town of North Dover to exchange traffic. The trains enter B&M territory at the interlocking tower to the north of town and depart through the tunnel at the southern end of town.

The station tracks in the image above are busy with commuters as Maine Central train 390 slows to a stop to exchange traffic in town. Those pedestrians had better stand back at a safe distance!

On another summer's day, railfans spot train 390 taking the siding for a meet with a Boston and Maine inbound manifest freight. Those tankcars are empties that will be exchanged in North Dover for loads to fuel the many paper mills inland.

This aerial shot shows the MEC train crossing the Salmon River and entering the state of Maine. Any moment it will reach the interlocking and resume its journey on Maine Central trackage. Today's train has some general merchandise cars on the head end. Thanks to my buddy, Chris Lyon for this image!

Okay, okay...I guess I "am" the "King of the Castle!" My good buddy Chris also snapped this picture. I'm standing at the duckunder entrance to the room here and that's our friendly Maine Central crew on yet another day and in a different direction passing the interlocking and heading on its way to North Dover. Indeed...model railroading is fun!

Edited by - Mike Hamer on 06/19/2006 4:08:37 PM

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Posted - 06/19/2006 :  5:08:57 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I must say that you have one great looking layout. I recall reading about it in MR and your special hidden staging idea. I must also say that I really appreciate all your up-beat and enthusiastically positive posts. I always enjoy the members on the forums and their posts, but especially those who are really truly passionate about the hobby! It is obvious that you are one of those people!

D&B Lumber Co.
"The Best Wood You Ever Saw!"

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Mike Hamer

Posted - 06/19/2006 :  5:24:06 PM  Show Profile  Visit Mike Hamer's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Thanks, Mike. I really appreciate that! You know...I visit a lot of layouts, and even though mine has been published and visited by many...I am equally enthusiastic in visiting any and all layouts I can, even a young kid who has just started out and is proud of his 4x8 pike. I find, that if you have an open mind, you can learn something new from anyone, even someone with fresh "greenhorn" eyes.

Mike, this is the world's greatest hobby, and to me, it's the people you meet along the way who make it such...like yourself! This forum is such an awesome place with so many creative modellers all willing to share their ideas...and that's so refreshing in a world and workplace that isn't as much so.

You know...I learn something new every time I log on to the Forum...and that's what keeps me coming back each day!

Thanks, again, Mike!

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Mike Hamer

Posted - 08/01/2006 :  5:39:13 PM  Show Profile  Visit Mike Hamer's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Indeed, August 1st, 2006 was a railfanning day to remember...one of the hottest first days of August in history! But, did that stop an ardent railfan like me from getting trackside at one of my favourite haunts in New England...Boundary Road outside North Dover! No sirree!

The sun was setting on this "baker" of a day when I managed to snap this shot of a Maine Central train pounding the crossing on the outskirts of North Dover.

I was pleasantly surprised to once again find the lead unit's "green and gold" mate working in tandem to haul the Maine Central train towards the interlocking where it will take its own track inland.

Hey, did anybody else manage to snag a "hot" summer shot of diesels working their layout?

Edited by - Mike Hamer on 08/01/2006 5:40:21 PM

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Section Hand

Posted - 08/02/2006 :  5:39:45 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Here's one from my layout. I call it "Just Passing By"


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Mike Hamer

Posted - 08/02/2006 :  5:54:25 PM  Show Profile  Visit Mike Hamer's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hey Lee...those are two great looking diesels on one fabulous model railroad!!!

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