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 Startin' from Scratch
 How would you weather this?
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Posted - 12/09/2005 :  9:41:50 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
While digging in my garden last summer I came across this toy bulldozer lost by a child long ago. I am working on a farming diorama in HO and I am planning a debris field full of old tractors and farm equipment, much like the ones I've seen out here on the bald prairies. So I think this bulldozer will fit right in.

What I would like to know is your take on this toy as a model. Would you strip off the cracked pealing paint and repaint it, or would you use the existing paint and add rust to the bare metal?

Do you think I should cut the operator off, or work him into the scene somehow? Like, put up a for sale sign and have the farmer standing there like the guy in the operator's seat is looking to buy it for parts. The operator is crude by LPB standards, his arms are fused together.

How would you approach this?

Clowning around with trains.

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Posted - 12/09/2005 :  10:31:57 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Christopher , I think if I was going to have a line of old farm equipment , I would use this one as more of a background piece . As you stated , it is a childs toy , so the detail is rather sparse . Putting more detailed equipment closer to the onlookers eye , and leaving this more in the background would be effective . On that note , I would clean it and paint it mostly rust or red oxide .
I'm not sure about the figure . My first reaction would be to discard it somehow .


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Posted - 12/09/2005 :  10:33:15 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
As silly as this may sound (ok, that was a pun TrainClown!), I would do some serious checking into the origin of that toy before you do anything to it. Some of these old "toys" are worth big bucks. I have an old toy car (an ice cream truck actually) that I glued down onto my layout. About a year later, I found the exact car in an antique shop that specialized in toy cars. This little baby had a price tag of over $40 on it. Gosh, I sure am glad that I painted it and glued it to my layout - NOT!

Seriously, look into it before doing anything to it.

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Posted - 12/09/2005 :  11:29:40 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I thought it was an old Matchbox car:


But the one in the link has no driver and a few other differences.

I would give it a good rust treatment and plant some tall weeds and other rusty debris around around it. (once you grind off the guy)

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Tabooma County Rwy

Posted - 12/10/2005 :  02:54:45 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I think, like TJ says, it's a background piece. I had one like it and tried to remove the driver by using a razor saw. Well, that didn't work. I never got around to the Dremel, but that's probably what it would take, and I think the guy has to come off. Then, lots of rust, then lots of vines and bushes, especially to hide the fact that there are not tracks.

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Premium Member

Posted - 12/10/2005 :  05:49:10 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
My first thought was the same as Mike's. I would investigate the worth of it first before doing any painting or other mods to it.

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Posted - 12/10/2005 :  06:42:14 AM  Show Profile  Visit railphotog's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Yes, it could possibly be a collectors' item. Collectors go gaga over old toys, no matter what their condition. A few years ago I was taking some recylcables to a nearby drop off station and I noticed two large metal toy trucks sitting on the ground. They wouldn't fit into the slot in the bin for metal, so they were just left there. I took them home and cleaned them up and did a check on eBay to see if there were similar ones. There were - one was a garbage truck by Louis Marx Co., the other was a dump truck by Lincoln Models. Both were in well used shape, the garbage truck had paint splattered on it, the dump truck was missing its grill and had a few other defects. I took several photos of each and posted them on eBay, noting the defects. I don't recall the exact amount I got, but the total was around $120.00! It was a worthwhile effort on my part, for no actual cost. Of course these models were easier to auction because the manufacurers names were still on them, making it easier to search for similar ones and to describe them.

I also found a plastic yo-yo under a deck I was removing. It was printed with the Coca-Cola logo, but wasn't in that great a shape, one side had warped, but I eBayed it too. Only got $5.00 for it, and the buyer seemed to be happy. Worth a try anyway!

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Posted - 12/10/2005 :  07:26:06 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks fellas. Food for thought. I'll let you know what I decide after scanning the net.


Clowning around with trains.

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Posted - 12/10/2005 :  08:39:02 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Like a broken record, Id also check the Value of that piece before "remodeling modeling it" dont even try to clean it just rinse it off. try watching "Antquies road show" on PBS and you may see what these other guys are talking about the old toy craze. I have seen what I thought was absolute junk go for a stupid amount of cash! Nice Idea though for the layout.

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New Hire

Posted - 12/13/2005 :  08:40:54 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
As a collector of old Matchbox cars, I can verfy that it is a 60's vintage Matchbox made by Lesney in England. It's missing the blade and rubber track and in the condition it is in, essentially worthless to a collector. I buy old Matchbox cars & trucks in much better condition for a buck or two a piece, dissassemble them and re-paint to my liking. The trucks in particular come out quit nice when "bashed" into something new.

So go ahead grind away and weather to the max.
It's better to recycle than to toss!


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Posted - 12/13/2005 :  11:45:16 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
That's cool Gary. Thanks for helping me make up my mind. Bash it is.


Clowning around with trains.

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