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 When Is hot too hot?
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Posted - 09/04/2006 :  10:51:47 AM  Show Profile
Today I decided to treat my self to a cup of Mc Donalds coffee. After getting home a short few minutes later I decided to Take the temp of the coffee. It came in at 170 degrees! Now I am sue it didnt lose too much heat before arriveing home. Now Wouldnt you think that coffee at 170 degrees is a little too hot? I surely dont have a Asbestos lined mouth . But one thing for sure , Dont let it spill in your Lap!
Thanks for letting me vent.

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Posted - 09/04/2006 :  11:06:06 AM  Show Profile  Visit Peterpools's Homepage
A number of years back McDonalds lost a law suit about coffee that was too hot. I had a cup myself this morning and it was hot but I don't think it was that hot.

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Premium Member

Posted - 09/04/2006 :  11:36:13 AM  Show Profile  Visit slimrails's Homepage
You're right...coffee should be hot, not boiling so that it'll scald you. I know people who can drink coffee that hot with no problem but not me...I need to have mine a bit cooler.

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Posted - 09/04/2006 :  12:42:37 PM  Show Profile
12:30 hours ..... I'm on my beat ...patrolling the big city . I'm a tough guy .....my name is Friday ......I'm a cop .


...a call came in . I took it . I said to my partner , Frank ....,

" Hot coffee , Frank "

- " Thanks Friday but I've already had one "

" No , the call in was about hot coffee "

- " They want a hot coffee ? "

" No , the coffee is too hot . Might get burnt. "

- " Tell 'em to put more cream in it "

" The caller doesn't like cream , Frank "

-" How about more milk ? "

" No Frank . There is a crime out there . Hot coffee . Let's go check it out . We're cops ."



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Posted - 09/04/2006 :  12:55:39 PM  Show Profile
So.... Terry..... you a little bored?

D&B Lumber Co.
"The Best Wood You Ever Saw!"

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Posted - 09/04/2006 :  2:08:18 PM  Show Profile
14:00 hours ....my partner , Frank , and I arrived at the restaurant . The suspect was sitting in the corner .

"Name ?"

- MacDonald , sir .

"First name ?"

- Ronald , sir .

"Do you work here ?"

- Yes , I serve breakfast ...coffee , egg Mcmuffin ..

" Why the funny get up ?"

-get up , sir ?

" ...Red wig , funny shoes , yellow tunic "

-I like to dress up like Ronald McDonald , sir ?

" I thought YOU were Ronald MacDonald ?"

-Yes , well he ...THE Ronald McDonald doesn't have an 'a' in his name . I do .

"an 'a' ?"

-Yes , McDonald can be spelled two ways .

" I see , so you are impersonating the real Ronald McDonald "

- Well , not really , see it's my wife .

" Your wife " .

-Yes , Ronette McDonald ...we're not actually married yet , and she spells her name without the 'a' ......anyhow she thinks my outfit is kinda kinky and last night we...

" Never mind . Frank , go get the rubber hose ....and two coffees "

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Crew Chief

Posted - 09/04/2006 :  2:28:06 PM  Show Profile
OOOH! St George and the Dragonet! - Freeburg forever!
Shortliner(Jack)away up here in the Highlands

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Posted - 09/04/2006 :  2:45:54 PM  Show Profile
LOL Terry! That's a good'n..

Frankly I think McD's coffee is bitter tasting.
I like Speedway's coffee better because its always fresh.

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Posted - 09/04/2006 :  3:52:24 PM  Show Profile
Another Teejay Classic!

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Posted - 09/04/2006 :  3:55:03 PM  Show Profile
HOT COFFEE.....YOU WANT HOT COFFEE, Try some Duncan Donuts coffee sometime. Theirs is insanely HOT

Terry: Very good satire, but I think you definetly have way to much time on your hands. Maybe you need a Craftsman kit to work on

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Premium Member

Posted - 09/04/2006 :  5:16:44 PM  Show Profile  Visit jaynjay's Homepage
I have one question here. Is a sergeant higher than an officer? Not in the armed services. So was Officer Frank Smith higher rank than Sergeant Joe Friday. If not, how come Sgt. Friday was so much younger than Officer Smith? How come Friday asked all the questions? How come he didn't let the lesser policeman gain valuable experience with personal exchanges with victims? How come Smith was only good for getting sandwiches? How come McDonalds hasn't learned a lesson from that Grandma that put a cup of hot coffee between her legs and got third degree burns? How come Friday talked in short sentences? How come Officer Smith was replaced with an even older and incompetent Officer Bill Gannon? Terry, when are you going to write the next Clown caper episode?


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Posted - 09/04/2006 :  5:38:07 PM  Show Profile
And another episode goes down in history

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Posted - 09/04/2006 :  6:16:50 PM  Show Profile
I'm Sgt Frank Smith . I'm a cop .

I'm working the night shift in Los Angeles , with my partner Joe Friday . We're cops .

A call came in about hot coffee . We searched out the perpetrator at tended to him with a rubber hose . Then a call came in suggesting that I look older than Joe . I'm not . I'm younger . We are disguised that way . I don't like asking questions ...I have a lisp .

Tim Hortons coffee is the best . Tasty . Not too hot .


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Posted - 09/04/2006 :  9:53:56 PM  Show Profile
...hot coffee eh?? When you get your coffee at fast food joints, pick up an extra lid and put some ice on it...that'll cool it down...works for me...

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