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 Any graphics artists here?
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Engine Wiper

Posted - 08/28/2006 :  12:29:31 PM  Show Profile
I have a crate label I would love to use, but to really make it work, I need to change two things... I need to change the name of the business to another (with the same number of letters) and change the hair color of a kid on the label from yellow to dark brown. I don't have Photoshop and know nothing whatever about such work. Anyone here willing to give this a shot? I am pygar2 at yahoo dot com, email me and I will send it to you. I am willing to pay a reasonable fee, just let me know in advance. And thanks!

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Posted - 08/28/2006 :  12:40:07 PM  Show Profile
Can you give us a photo of this label? Also the name you want to use.

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 08/28/2006 :  3:18:26 PM  Show Profile
Someone is already helping me... when they are done, hopefully they won't mind if everyone sees the original and the job they did on it. Basically, I have a "Pete's Best" apple crate label that needs to be a "Bates' Best" label, to go with work I am planning on the Polar Lights "Bates Mansion" model. If you watch carefully, it is clear that the movie Psycho and its sequels are set in Shasta County CA, and the mansion's basement is crammed with apples and processing gear thereof... so why not assume the groves shown in P2 were apples, and make up a crate label?

By the way, the mansion itself is copied from Hopper's painting, "House by the Railroad", which is perhaps why Polar Lights made its model HO...

Edited by - Pygar on 08/28/2006 3:19:44 PM

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Premium Member

Posted - 08/29/2006 :  07:12:45 AM  Show Profile  Visit AVRR-PA's Homepage
Sounds cool! Looking forward to photo's and more information about how you're doing it.


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Premium Member

Posted - 09/03/2006 :  11:02:44 PM  Show Profile


Well, here it is! I used a combination of Corel Photo-Paint and Corel Draw.

I started by "cutting" the apple out of the original label and saving it with out a background using photo-paint.

Next I "cut" the kid from the original label. Using a brush tool set to a high transparency level and the color only if lighter option. I set the mask tool to limit where I changed the color. Frankly, it was a pain in the behind to get this kid to look nearly normal. His skin tone is too light for such dark hair but I think it looks okay.

Pygar thinks it looks okay and he is the one that matters!

In anycase, I then switched to Corel Draw. I imported the orginal image and used it as a guide to overlay new text and background boxes. I was able to match the original colors using the sampling tool. I was then able to import the apple and the modified kid images.

That was it! Piece of cake! Okay, I can't lie ... Pygar will tell, my first few attempts were not real good. It was a simple matter of figuring out what my "client" was really looking for. Overall, I'd say it was an interesting project and I'd gladly take on other projects of this sort.

Now it is up to Dwayne ... I mean Pygar ... it is up to you to tell us more about your project! By the way Pygar, I keep trying to get the wife to watch Psycho with me and she keeps putting me off. I'll get to see it soon though.

Joe <><

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 09/04/2006 :  12:19:04 AM  Show Profile
You did great work! Folks, the "problems" he claimed to have? He misplaced an apostophe, that was the biggee! I have some problems with my health etc. that are slowing progress on my planned Bates Mansion and Motel diorama. At this point, I am in Paperwork Limbo trying to make the government understand I am disabled... I have been to doctor after doctor and sent the results in. Anyone here have connections in KY Social Security?

The two junk piles behind the Bates Motel had apple crates, the basement of the mansion had apples and processing gear, Psycho 2 showed groves of trees out front.. and the first movie plainly showed that "Fairvale" was in Shasta County CA, where a lot of apples are grown- look at the county map near the end, when Dr. Whatsisname is running his motormouth. So I took the liberty of assuming the Bates family grew apples. That explains how the taxes got paid while Norman was "away". That's my story and I am sticking to it! When I get a chance I will snag a real apple crate from the local IGA and get some measurements. While a lot of detail will be too small to show on the crates, I might add a billboard to the scene. Any web pages show crate making in HO?

I want to add some humor to what would be kind of a grim dio... I considered making a tiny Spindrift (from Land of the Giants) and hiding it behind a tree or something, but calculated it would be the size of a bean. I'll try and find an appropriate Burma Shave poem instead, and post it by the road.

Extreme Pain Department: A fellow named Mark Bennett, an artist who draws blueprints of TV and movie sets, and who has a *great* book out of them, has drawn some *wonderful* blueprints of the mansion and motel. And they are only on sale at ubergouge prices at art galleries... I wish I could contact him, there have to be some spoiled copies that would be fine to model by.

Joe, thanks again for your wonderful work!

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