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 Car Knocker Repair Hoist from DEBENLLC

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
SAFN SAAP Posted - 05/15/2012 : 11:34:06 PM
Hello Y'all,

I got bit by the bug again today. I am sitting here waiting on the 1x1 lumber from Kappler so I can build Fredericksburg Jct, and I gotta build something. So, I looked to see what I could build. What did I grab? DEBENLLC's Sequoia 4002, Repair Hoist Kit, for my car knockers shop.

This is a very straight forward kit. A box of wood, instructions, three pieces of casting and off to the races you go. The tools I used were simple:

    NWSL Chopper
    Digital Caliper/Micrometer
    MicroMark Magnetic Jig
    MicroMark Brass Clamps
    Elmer's Wood Glue
    Various Tweesers
    Pounce Wheel
    X-acto knife
    Various files
    Dr. Pepper
    The Dog


The instructions are basic. You need to know how to convert scale distances. The Jim's Dollhouse Scale Conversion Calculator online is invaluable. Key to this build is keeping everything square.
It's a pretty straight forward build but it took me about 9 hours to complete. I added the catwalk next to the pulley, the two Campbell Fire Barrels, which I need to paint, and some of the extra bracing to shore up the hoist.
The kit also comes with NBW's to install, which I will do after I apply the Instant Age, then stain it Oak. I'll paint the bolts with Polly S Flat Aluminum, then rust them up. I'm ordering ladders from Rusty's Stump for the crew to get on top of the hoist and getting some HO Scale chain and hooks to finish it off. I may add a small work table with tools on the side of the hoist for added realism. I definitely need to get another one for the locomotive shop. I highly recommend Richard Bendever and his wife Debbie over at DEBENLLC. Their products are great! You can visit them at: www.debenllc.com.

Here are the pics so far. Enjoy!


15   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
SAFN SAAP Posted - 06/23/2012 : 2:06:20 PM
Thanks guys. I appreciate it. This is my very first craftsman kit car and I am thoroughly pleased at how it has turned out. I appreciate the compliments and always welcome constructive criticism.

I just scored two packages of 1 1/2" wrapped steam pipe from Precision Scale and a group of pipe tee's and elbows from Kemtron off eBay! I will hold off on doing the plumbing till they arrive. They will make the plumbing look 100% better as the steam lines would be wrapped. Too cool!

Wiseman Models has supplied me with the hoist rigging. I have the crane hooks and a crane bar in house. I have pulleys and block/tackles coming in the mail.

The other night, I looked at the hoist and decided to measure the height of the beam. It turned out to be a scale 25' on the button. I'm very fortunate for that because I didn't measure it before I labeled it "WATCH 25 FT OUT". LOL...live and learn.

Now to find a crew that looks confused as they await Rascals to finish his lunch. Hahahaha.

More to come shortly.

ETinBH Posted - 06/23/2012 : 12:35:55 PM
enjoying your fine work - thanks, and keep it coming
andykins Posted - 06/23/2012 : 12:10:17 PM
great little car, the raccon is nice little touch of humor :D
SAFN SAAP Posted - 06/23/2012 : 11:47:13 AM
Working on the flat this morning.

First, I painted the bolsters, coupler pockets, and the brake wheel assembly.

Once the paint was dry, I installed the Kadee Arch Bar 501 trucks. They look great. The couplers are Kadee 148 Whiskers. Much better than the No. 5's, IMHO.

Next, I took a jar of DebenLLC's, Weathered Rust, and dry brushed the couplers, trucks, wheels, and the brake wheel assembly. They look Texas used now.

I also formed the input line to the barrels, and cut off the excess PB wire. I then painted it copper and will soon weather that a little bit. I'm in the process of getting patina paint for the copper.

Here is S.A. & A.P. 550, removed from revenue service, and permanently assigned to MOW on her wheels. I think it looks great! Now I just have to plumb the boiler, add a few details, and she is done.

More to come...

Thanks for looking...


SAFN SAAP Posted - 06/20/2012 : 11:11:08 PM
Apparently, Neosho, MO, is not the only station that has to deal with those "coons" that have made the Frisco so famous! Seems that Rascals has decided to visit the car knockers and investigate their previous lunches, dinners, and what have you's.

Rascals is famous in these parts, visiting all the facilities here in San Antonio at the S.A. & A.P. Engine Facilities. I don't think the crews are going to get much work done on repairing cars with the hoist until Rascals is done with his lunch.

...Just another day on the Frisco System...

SAFN SAAP Posted - 06/18/2012 : 9:28:53 PM
Hey Y'all,

Back again with some updates. This morning I had surgery on my right big toe. They had to remove two sides of my big toe nail because it was ingrown. The right side was so bad that the spur was almost through the outside of the skin. Not trying to gross anyone out, but I am so relieved now. I'm just dealing with the throbbing as the numbness has worn off and it is "ouch time". Well, what better way to relieve the pain then work on trains? Exactly!

Today I started by rebuilding the platform for the boiler pump. It was a scale 4" too short which was making the end stanchions pull in. I fixed it and now the stanchions are upright. I painted them, added some NBW's, and then weathered it to match the conditions it is working under.

I also weathered the barrels. They really look aged. I tried to remove the titties that Sherrel pointed out, but nada; couldn't get to them. So I hid them with some tools. One has the coal chest and the water line, the other the shovel, and the last the broom. The broom is the least hidden, but you have to look for it to see it.

The pump was installed on the platform and the feeder line to it. Looks great! I painted the rear main pump water line and the valves. They look good too. I will dull the copper once the line is bent and cut.

The pump reel which came with the Cal-Scale WP-287 just didn't fit the scheme. But a good ol' FIRE BARREL did! Boo-Yah!

Next I have to plumb the steam line to the pump on the platform and the cold water line to the boiler. I will not hide any of the steam lines. They will all show. The boiler had its old input line removed and the whistle will be relocated.

I have two 10' ladders from Rusty Stumps drying. I'm going to have one against the pump platform and another hanging from stakes in the stake pockets. More tools and things like grease buckets, oil cans, monkey wrenches will fit the bill. A sledge hammer is posed, and few other things, like some WHISKEY BOTTLES.

More to come...


SAFN SAAP Posted - 06/17/2012 : 10:10:44 PM
I got the barrels done, and they're in position. I added a bunch of NBW's to the barrel holding frame. The rear of the barrels are plumbed. The way it will work is on a gravity principle. The crews will open the main valve right before the barrels, and the water will fill the barrels up. Once the barrels are filled, the main valve is closed, blocking the escape of the water back towards the pump house and will allow the water to flow back into the first barrel which feeds the boiler. I'm using a Cal-Scale WP-287 pump with hose reel as the means to pump the water not only into the boiler, but to also serve as a fire hose. I'm working on rigging that up right now.

...Building an overhead platform above the barrels...

Done for the night. I built the overhead platform for the boiler pump and the fire hose reel. I'll paint it and NBW it in the morning. This simplified the plumbing quite a bit. The only thing left to plumb is the two steam pistons up front. I'm trying to decide if I want all that plumbing exposed or if I want to hide it.

Here are the pics for today's work.

More tomorrow.

Have a great evening.


SAFN SAAP Posted - 06/17/2012 : 3:15:48 PM
Hey Everyone!

Happy Fathers Day to all you dads' out there in Frisco Land!

I'm just spending my day quietly working on the S.A. & A.P. 550 getting her all together for winching duty.

I received a lot of supplies this past week so I've been able to do a lot of work.

First I worked on rigging the water feed system for the boiler. Three barrels plumbed together to feed the hogger. There is also a feed line from the pump house that will be between the hoist and the car shop. I must admit that I really messed up the first set of barrels that I did. I didn't have a steady hand to do the bands so they got 86'd and I have started to redo them.

The boiler was painted Tamiya Bronze. The pop valves and water drain were painted copper. I'm waiting for Titanium Gold which is a subdued gold, like a soft brass to arrive to paint the whistle. I cut a piece of copper out and put it as a patch over the one area of the boiler 1st and 2nd joint that had a gap, and will patina it, with some of the bronze on the boiler for age.

The coal bin was completed. I painted it brown with metal supports. Using Woodland Scenics B76 Medium Cinders, I added the coal load into the bin and secured it with Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement.

The trash can is painted with Polly S Flat Aluminum, and then washed with DebenLLC's Weathered Rust and Instant Age.

The flat car has been weathered also. I used DebenLLC's Instant Age, Oily Black, Weathered Rust, Muddy River Bottom, Granite Gray, and then a second Instant Age. It came out nice.

The brick work under the boiler is the masterful work of Jimmy at Monster Modelworks! Jimmy will custom laser cut for you. All you need to do is give him the artwork or dimensions and he'll work it out for you. I had him cut his .040 Brickwork out for pot belly stove bases for stations, and this worked out great for the boiler! I surrounded it with scale 4x4's. Using a combination of acrylic washes I obtained from Hobby Lobby, and learning a little from Railroad Line Forums on doing brickwork, I have a great platform for the boiler.

Various tools are being painted right now and drying. They will be added shortly. I also need to add some people and weather the trucks.

I'll have more pics up shortly. For now, enjoy.


AVRR-PA Posted - 06/12/2012 : 05:33:46 AM
Lookin' good!

SAFN SAAP Posted - 06/11/2012 : 10:39:44 PM
Ah yes! Goodies arrived today! I got my boiler! Bingo, back to the build!

The boiler is Scale Structures Ltd #9118. It's nice, but a little rough and requires a bit of filing and also leveling. I used only the pop valve from the kit. I installed a Cary Whistle to replace the kits. I also replaced the valve for draining in the back with a bent piece of .020 PB and added a globe valve to make it look like a spicket. I'm really happy with it.

Here is S.A. & A.P. sporting more of what she'll look like. The overhead cover is gone. I didn't like it. I still have to plumb the barrels to the boiler and the barrels to a water pump house. The coal bin is full of coal ready for the fire in the hogger and the tools are starting to gather round.

I'm waiting on some .040 brickwork from Monster Model Works for the base of the boiler. I'll be forming and soldering the pipe from phosphorus bronze. I'm very happy with the way she looks. Now I have to find crew members who look like they belong there!

More tomorrow...


SAFN SAAP Posted - 06/11/2012 : 10:35:49 PM
Originally posted by MinerFortyNiner

Manny, this is a great build so far...excellent progress on a fascinating model.

Thank you. I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Check out the new progress on the flat car for the hoist!
MinerFortyNiner Posted - 06/06/2012 : 01:34:19 AM
Manny, this is a great build so far...excellent progress on a fascinating model.
SAFN SAAP Posted - 06/05/2012 : 2:59:57 PM
Sorry Y'all for the lapse in updates. I've been working on the flat car and the hoist for the rig.

S.A & A.P. 550 will be on wheels and will be assigned permanent car shop duties as a hoist car. I'm working on getting the undercarriage parts for her. They are coming in and will be done shortly.

I purchased Builders' in Scale's Mine Hoist and Ore Skip to use on the flat car. The kit is great. The hoist is the perfect size and allows me to hook it to a boiler, which I'm looking at the Scale Structures Ltd 9118 set-up. The hoist has been completed and looks great. I'm waiting on my pastels to arrive to weather it up.

As for the cable, I will get fine gray/silver thread that is tightly woven, and will use it with pastels to create the cable. Overall things are coming along nicely, and this will soon be wrapped up.


SAFN SAAP Posted - 05/24/2012 : 6:43:59 PM
May I present, San Antonio & Aransas Pass 30' Flat Car 550 in her "Mission Route" Livery. Ain't she a beauty? I'm really struggling to per her on railroad ties now...

That's application and one coat of Solvaset. She'll get one, if not, two more Solvaset coats over the next two days.


SAFN SAAP Posted - 05/24/2012 : 10:07:53 AM
Originally posted by AVRR-PA

Re weathering - here's a thread on this Forum that you might find helpful:



Thank you both. Don, I saw that a while back and forgot about it. Thanks! I've subscribed to that thread. It will help me a lot.


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